Surat discovers specify in the log books of shippers and regular citizens who cruised the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean looking for exchange and business in the ninth and eleventh hundreds of years. In the late fifteenth century, Surat sent out flavors, silk, muslin and porcelain to Malacca, China and Sumatra in the far east and turned out to be greatly prosperous as exchange flourished. The key position of Surat on ocean courses between Europe, Arabia and East pulled in Portuguese in the sixteenth century to be trailed by the British East India Company in the mid seventeenth century. Under British control, Surat got to be distinctly prosperous with the foundation of many weaving and turning plants, materials and paper manufacturing plants.

As the British formed Mumbai into a noteworthy port and regulatory focus, Surat's star declined and lost its unmistakable quality as a noteworthy business player. Present day Surat's fundamental specialty is its position as the focal point of precious stone and material businesses of the world. Major noteworthy destinations in Surat are Old Fort, Mughal Sarai, Makai Bridge, Chintamani Derasar, Andrews Library, English, Dutch and Armenian Cemeteries, Rang Upvan, Dumas Beach, Jama Masjid, Islamic Monuments and the Parsi Temple.



  • Column - free and multi - use 10,600 square meters space for exhibitions
  • Tremix flooring
  • Height -17 meters in the center sloping to 6.5 meters
  • Central kitchen
  • Open stage / public plaza for concerts and performances
  • RCC roads
  • 24/7 security with CC TV camera


  • 4 seminar halls Capacity of 50 to 150 persons
  • Organiser's office
  • VIP lounge
  • Meeting room
  • Press lounge
  • Medical room
  • Business centre
  • Administrator's office
  • Travel centre
  • Cafeteria
  • Bank and ATM centre


  • Cars  - 750
  • Three wheelers  - 100
  • Two wheelers  - 3000
  • Coaches and buses  - 25
  • Taxis  - 50
  • Trailer trucks and containers  - 15
  • Delivery vehicles - tempos  - 50

Location & Contact

The Surat International Exhibition and Convention Centre,

Bhatar, Althan Road, Near Khajod Chokdi, Sarsana, Surat, Gujarat,




Telephone: 0261 391 7777

Email: info@siecc.in

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