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Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is a public university for scientific research and higher education located in Bangalore, India. Established in 1909 with active support from Jamsetji Tata and H.H. Sir Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, the Maharaja of Mysore. It is also locally known as the 'Tata Institute'.[3] It acquired the status of a Deemed University in 1958. IISc is widely regarded as India's finest institution in its field,[4][5][6][7][8] and has been ranked at number 11 and 18 worldwide (and ranked 3rd and 6th in Asia) when considering the criteria of Citations per Faculty in 2014 and 2015 respectively.[5][9] IISc was the first Indian institute to feature on Times Higher Education World University Rankings for engineering and technology in the year 2015-16 at 99th position.[10][11][12] IISc has been ranked number 1 and 4 in the BRICS and Asian region respectively while considering the criteria of Papers per Faculty in 2015.[8][13] IISc has also been ranked 6th in the criteria of research by the Times Higher Education Rankings for the BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2016[14] IISc has made significant contribution to advanced computing, space, and nuclear technologies.


Academics Faculty - Science
<p>The Faculty of Science comprises of three divisions consisting of Departments and Centres which include<a href='' target='_blank'>Biochemistry</a>
Academics Faculty - Engineering
<p>The Faculty of Engineering consists of Departments of <a href='' target='_blank'>Aerospace</a>
Faculty Club
<h2>Current Faculty - Faculty Club</h2><p>The Faculty Club of the Indian Institute of Science is located in a pleasant bungalow set in spacious grounds within the campus. It was started in 1929 as the Staff Club, later redesignated as the Faculty Club. Membership is constituted by the Faculty and Officers. The club is open from 7am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 11am to 7 pm on Sundays and holidays. The day to day affairs are administered by a Managing Committee whose term runs for two years.</p><h3>Managing Committee Members for 2005-2007</h3><ul><li>President: Dr. N.C. Shivaprakash.</li><li>General Secretary: Dr. L. Sharada</li><li>Treasurer: Mr. P. Manivannan</li><li>Mess Secretary: Mr. V. Satyanarayana</li><li>Fine Arts Secretary: Prof. Mahadevan</li><li>Library Secretary: Prof. S. Ramkumar</li><li>Outdoor Games Secretary: Prof. Raghavan Varadarajan</li><li>Indoor Games Secretary: Mr. S. Ramgopal</li><li>Ladies' Secretary: Prof. Renee Borges</li></ul><h3>Other Members</h3><ul><li>Prof. B.N. Raghunandan</li><li>Dr. S.S. Indi</li><li>Prof. V. Nagaraja</li><li>Dr. N.Y. Vasanthacharya</li></ul><h3>Facilities Available</h3><p>The reading room with newspapers and magazines is open during the entire working hours.</p><p>The lending library has a small collection of fiction, non- fiction, and children's books as well as CD's and non-current issues of magazine s. Members can borrow two books and two magazines at a time. There is a good television and audio system.</p><p>There are two billiards and two table-tennis tables in a se parate building. These facilities are available from 12 noon to 2 p m and from 5pm onwards. Other indoor sports available are carroms and chess. The Bridge group meets on Wednesday evenings.</p><p>There is a Tennis Court for the use of the Faculty Club me mbers adjoining the Guest House. Play equipment for small children are available within the p remises of the Club. The Indoor Gymnasium has basic equipment for cardiovascular exercise and muscle toning.</p><p>The Snack Parlour serves a healthy hot lunch to members on working days between 12.45 pm and 2 pm. Tea and coffee with biscuits are available from 10 am to 6 pm with a gap between 2 and 3 pm. Evening ti ffin is between 4 pm and 6 pm. Different snacks are served on diffe rent days of the week.</p><p>The Club hosts music concerts regularly for the community. There is a monthly screening of children's movies at the club premises. Lectures of topics of general interest are also held periodically. The Club meets at aro und the New Year for the Annual Lunch which is the time for the entire community to get together and celebrate.</p>
<p><strong>Guidelines for allotment of quarters to Faculty according to seniority &amp; eligibility</strong></p><ol><li>Appilications for allotment of staff quarters in the prescribed form and routed through the Chairman, Department/Section/Unit/Center/Laboratory etc. should be submitted by the staff&nbsp; members so as to reach Unit III.</li><li>The eligibility for allotment of different types are as follows:<br />C-type: (Faculty) Sci Assistants, Computer Programmers, etc. <br />D-type: (Faculty) Lecturers/Asst. Professors/Technical Officers/SSOs, etc. <br />E-type: (Faculty) Associate Professors/Professors/Principal Scientific Officers/TO-III</li><li>The priority list for faculty cadre - wise will be drawn on the basis of seniority on the basis of applications received. One type below eligibility will also be considered in addition for allotment, in case the staff member has served in that particular cadre.</li><li>The seniority list for faculty allotment of quarters among the applicaitons received will be drawn and notified at the beginning of the academic year (August) and will be held valid for one year. As and when vacancies arise, allotment would be made as per such seniority list.</li><li>Staff members who are staying in quarters under Directors discretionary quota/Essential category/General seniority shall have to move to the quarters, as and when allotted according to seniority, failing which such administrative action as may be considered necessary, will be taken. It is therefore imperative for the staff staying in the quarters to apply according to their eligibility.</li><li>The staff members who have drawn House Building Advance/Interest Subsidy after 23.6.1983 are not eligible for allotment of quarters at the Institute as per Council Resolution No. XLVIII dated 24 June 1983.</li><li>Staff members staying outside, who decline the allotment of quarters, will not be considered for one year. Such staff members should have to apply again for quarters at the appropriate time in the next academic year.</li><li>The staff members to whom allotment is made shall have to occupy the quarters within 30 days from the date of issue of allotment order.</li><li>The occupant of the quarters shall vacate the quarters under occupation on the determination of licence for any reason whatsoever, failing which he/she shall be liable to pay penal licence fee and render himself/herself to any other punity measure that may be considered appropriate.</li><li>These rules are in addtion to the occupation rules contained in the allotment order.</li><li>Not withstanding anything stated in the rules, all disputes arising from or related to the matter of allotment of staff quarters shall be decided by the Director on the merits of each case, and the decision of the Director shall be final and binding.</li></ol>



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