Welcome to Splash - The Water World, a brainchild of surely understood Sagu Dreamland Pvt. Ltd. Sprinkle is a cutting edge diversion water world and first of its kind in Alipur, Delhi. Sprinkle is settled in normal magnificence with a scenery of cooling safe house of trees. A pure hideaway, SPLASH offers incomparable fervor and guarantees a mess of fun time with water slides, animated Rain Dances and Wave Pool!! Sprinkle presents to you an assortment of ultramodern water slides and rides that enthrill you and plunges you in delighted Splash experience. A polloution air joined with worldwide guidelines of security gives absoloute protection to couples and family and is a reasonable venue to invest some quality energy with your friends and family!

Location & Contact

Splash The Water World Rohtak,

Rajeev Nagar, Rohtak, Haryana,




Telephone: 91-1262658080

Email: splashwaterworldrohtak1@gmail.com

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