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At Prospurs, our focus is to help you find the right people, organizations, processes and resources to grow your business.  Based in Singapore, India, China, Malaysia and Philippines, Prospurs helps both new and established companies strengthen their business networks and expand their business presence in emerging markets & economies. We do so by creating B2B events, where we create subject, provide platforms for big budget projects and large scale opportunities. Founded by experienced and visionary entrepreneurs, Prospurs projects are managed by specialists & dedicated teams who have an impressive track record of work experience in Europe, Asia-Pacific and South East Asian Regions.  With our large network, large database and research in various disciplines - along with our local know-how in B2B & B2C key industry sectors in the region such as IT, retail, entertainment, construction, Railways, education, urban planning, engineering, facilities management, waste management & renewable energy, farming - Prospurs is dedicated to bringing together companies with mutual interests in order to develop long-term and successful business partnerships. Our team of experts will help you gain a strong foothold in the region, identify business opportunities and increase market share for your company.  We achieve this by preparing a comprehensive, strategic business development plan for your company, within the region.  This strategic plan includes:


Creating events for opportunities & bringing the right stake holders from the industry ecosystems


Planning your participation and identifying your business growth requirements;


Mapping your requirements unto targeted economy profile;


Connecting your company with the right business partners, institutions & processes;


Building & growing your business by enhancing partnerships.


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