Graphic designing plays a key role in our everyday digital and media advertising industry and is of more essence than anyone foresees. The world of advertising is being revolutionized every moment with technological advancement and that’s what a keen graphic designer provides with their advanced graphic designing skills.

These skills need to be constantly updated and more skills, more is the expertise of the field. Graphic designing has become an indivisible part of our lives and that has created a huge demand for talented graphic designers in the industry. That is also why there has been a significantly high rate of students opting to study graphic designing and making it their primary career path. It definitely boosts the youth to work with certain creativity, passion and zeal. Visual communication is also an important aspect of the present advertising scene and every brand demands it. 

Many graphic designers are looking out for better opportunities at the horizon, however, to do so, it is critical to have these ten key skills that will distinguish you from the others.

Creativity is an ability to visualise and conceptualize the design in the eye of the mind and present it, in reality, to boggle the minds’ with its brilliance. It is definitely the most important skill of a good graphic designing professional or any design professional really. Creatively presenting any content and understanding the content with a design that showcases its subtle talent and brilliance. Graphic designing goes above and beyond the said boundaries

Understanding and meeting the demands of the brands and clients, incorporating the ideas and demands in design and giving it justice, creating an appropriate mood board based on the brand tonality, and setting up the colour scheme for the designated brand are some of the exciting parts of the job as a graphic designer. These are the basic factors that every graphic designer should be quite well versed with. Communicating the brand message in a way that it causes the maximum impact on the target audience is a skill every graphic designer prides in and one of the key skills in this highly competitive field.

Typography can be defined as the art of creating wordplay in the form of design by applying it to various different types of fonts and forms of lettering in order to create a design or a brand logo based on requirements. This intricate yet bold skill creates one of the biggest impacts and is a vital part of the graphic designing curriculum in India and it is a skill every designer must possess in order to shoot for the sky and aim higher. The famous minimalist designs are usually based on this topical design skill and often considered one of the most impactful methods of conveying the message to the correct audience.

Adobe Creative Cloud holds various different software such as Illustration, Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects, Animate and so much more. These softwares are the key tools of a good graphic designer in this highly technology-dependent world. These amazing software make a huge part of the curriculum of graphic designing in India. These software offer an escape from certain limitations that come from manual designing skills. Anyone who is adept and competent enough at using these softwares has a higher success rate.

Coding is not a part of the graphic designing curriculum; however, a sound knowledge of HTML opens more doors for graphic designers and add a splendid feather to the creative hat of a graphic designer. Coding can be quite daunting but. it is not very difficult to understand, especially when it is as basic as HTML.

UI/UX design is another important aspect that makes for very famous graphic designing skills appreciated by most employers. It is not the most common skills among graphic designers and is highly appreciated and complimented by professionals. It is another splendid feather in the creative hat of a graphic designer.

Branding 101 is one of the most basic and most sought after skills in the field of advertising. When done appropriately, it can lead the brand to many major victories. Branding can be defined simply as nothing but communicating brand details to its ideal target audience in the most effective manner. When performed in a creative manner, its impact can last longer than most other advertising campaigns. It is a single, most crucial part of advertising.

Colours are graphic designers playground. They are to graphic designers what music is to singers. Therefore, understanding various colour schemes, creating colourful mood boards that communicate effectively and understanding the psychology of colour are major parts of the graphic designer’s everyday life.


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