Why Live Webcast Your Events

29 December 2017


Advantages of Using Live Webcast for your Events Using Showincity.com Services

You are looking at sprucing up the viewership of your website and still wondering how to do it? You have been running contests and polls as well as giving out freebies, but still think there is something amiss! Well, giving out goodies, gifts, coupons, etc. is an amazing way to entice your audience; however that is definitely not all that you can indulge in. Have you given live streaming a good thought? If not, you definitely should.

Live streaming of events using webcast is an amazing way to engage the rapt attention of your audience. Giving them the feeling of being part of an event even if they somehow missed getting the tickets or by sheer virtue of being far away, makes them feel one with the event. ShowinCity’s live streaming of events brings the entire event an inch closer to you.

Before we move on to the most pertinent question of the advantages of using live streaming, let us understand what live webcast really means!

Webcasting is already being used by many companies, large or small, to expand their reach and impact of key events, messages and meetings amongst their audience. You can engage the audience by virtue of live webcasts or live videos / on demand videos and bring the audience closer to your brand. Virtual content with videos and live streaming is more engaging that only written content. There is a greater retention power with videos than only plain content. You can use this technology to-

  • Promote your services, products and brand as a whole.
  • Host online meetings with stakeholders as well as make live announcements and spread awareness on a number of subjects that aim at increasing brand recognition.
  • Introduce live streaming to unbox products, provide trainings to promote your brand value/ products or services.

With a plethora of options waiting to be explored, there is absolutely no way that you cannot benefit from using live webcast for all your events. Showincity.com helps you bring your brand closer to the audience by helping you with live streaming of events, especially the ones that are held on a large scale and make the audience feel part of the event, wherever they are.

Key advantages of using Live streaming-

  • Employee interaction: For co-workers and employees located at different locations, live streaming of videos and meetings help them to be a part of the event virtually. You can easily get your message across to your employees without having to wait for videos to be made and later passed on. It assists in creating a wider reach of the message that effectively reaches every person. Live streaming also helps to get live Q&A sessions to take place wherein the participation of employees or workers increases.
  • General public outreach: If you have an event taking place in a particular city and there is limited scope of people from surrounding vicinities or geographies to make it to the event, live streaming using webcast gives you the feeling of being part of the event virtually. Showincity.com helps you get all your events covered live in any part of the country and bring it to your audience without a hitch. This helps to increase the viewership of the website and promotes your brand name amongst the audience.
  • Reduce Costs: Setting up of live streaming requires technical skills so that events and happenings can be posted without any glitch. There are different streaming technologies that are play with live webcasts and this is where com steps in. We provide you with all the assistance in getting your events recorded as well streamed live wherein your return on investment in much higher. You do not need to indulge in expensive material and employ different skills to help you achieve this. We bring our expertise and help you with live streaming of all your events at affordable costs. This, in turn, reduces your total cost on investment as well.
  • Affluent Content: While using live streaming, it is not only restricted to showcasing the events live but also adding graphics, live chat options, texts and pictures to promote your brand. This helps the audience to get a more engaging time while viewing your live events. With rapid digitization, showincity.com has excelled in providing different ingenious techniques to make the videos more engaging.
  • Convenient: It is much easier than you think. Although there is a technical set up that is required, however, getting the message across to a wider network of audience is quite easy. You can create online polls and live streaming goodies while streaming the events or promoting your brand. com provides you with all the equipment required to setup flawless live streaming.
  • Cross-platform viewership: Our technology allows for cross-platform viewership i.e. we enable the audience to even view live events from their mobile devices. The quality of the streaming is not restricted to only desktops or laptops. This enables a further reach of your events to every individual without any technical glitches.

Showincity.com is your one-stop solution to all live streaming of videos, events and promotions from any geography. Get the best services delivered flawlessly with our live webcast services today!


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