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Introductions Trade Shows was incorporated in 1984 as an event management company that primarily dealt in the organization of trade fairs and topical exhibitions. We organize exhibitions either exclusively or act as agents for other organizers, manufacturer’s associations, trader’s associations etc. We have our head office in Mumbai, with branches spread out in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

With over two decades of marketing and management experience, we now have over 400

exhibitions to our credit which include both, national and international exhibitions of repute. In addition to event management expertise, we have extensive media tie-ups, in-built design and infrastructure facilities and venue management resources.

Due to our established market presence over the last 25 years, we have developed excellent media tie-ups with popular Indian media brands. We also have strong relationships with key industry associations and government agencies. This established network enables us to garner extended media publicity, provide relevant industry support and ensure smooth execution of exhibitions organized in-house, as well as those done for our clients.

Over the years, we have also built up a voluminous database of clientele and visitors alike. This gives us the unique advantage of numbers and ensures that our events are always well promoted, well received, and deliver in terms of participation and attendance. We have organized and delivered successful events in numerous verticals like Fashion, Art and Crafts, Jewellery, Gifts, Stationery, Office Products, Media and Signage, Education, Real Estate, Toys and Games, Furniture and Interiors, Food and Wine, Machinery, B2B Trade Events, Digital Technology, Country Specific Trade Fairs, Direct Consumer Fairs and many more.

Our strength lies in providing comprehensive and professional event management services to our participants and clients. In the times of chaotic schedules, unethical practices, impersonal service and unfulfilled promises, we are a breath of fresh air! We believe in courtesy, we believe in ethics, and we always aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients, our family of employees and our vendors. No business can keep everyone happy at once, but we firmly believe in the universal truth : ‘Through the success of our clients comes our own success and fulfillment.’ – A fact that is far too often overlooked in today’s times.

Location & Contact

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Company infrastructure

We have steadily built up our infrastructure over the years to enable us to offer the best of services to our clients (and ourselves). We currently possess the following facilities :


Offices and agents in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Sri Lanka and Thailand

An efficient marketing division

A countrywide sales support system

A resourceful accounting team

Experienced operations personnel

In-house graphics and design facilities

Data monitoring and intelligence gathering systems

Booth construction equipment

Network of suppliers for various requirements within the booth

We are constantly expanding our installed infrastructure and talent to cater to our growing client base and increasing demands in the competitive markets.

What We Do

In a nutshell, we undertake organization of Exhibitions & Trade Fairs from concept to execution i.e. right from the booking of a venue, to marketing of booth space, to construction of booths, venue management during exhibitions and most importantly, the advertising and promotion of such events in various media.

We also provide professional event management services tailor-made to the requirements and budgets of various clients – International and domestic. These may include exhibitions, conferences, business delegations and seminars.

Within the domain of exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and seminars, our services can be enumerated as follows:


Complete Event management of Events, Exhibitions, Seminars, Trade Delegations, Buyer seller meets etc

Liaison with Government Agencies, Ministries of Commerce to promote the event

Liaison with vendors and other agencies to deliver effective and timely delivery of services

Coordinating accommodation and travel requirements of clients

Booth construction and allied services

Design, Creative & Conceptualization of event theme

Arranging one to one meet with the buyers & sellers and arranging trade meets

Media, Promotions & other BTL activities like banners, leaflets, invitations etc – right from creative to execution of the same

Providing Marketing Assistance for promoting the fairs

Booth construction and allied setup

Stall design and fabrication


We go out of our way to ensure smooth execution of events undertaken or subcontracted to us. Nothing gives us more pleasure than the client’s satisfaction with our services. The ‘well done’ at the end of the show is what we love to hear and is what motivates us to push ourselves to the limits.


As detailed in the ‘Successful shows’ section, Introductions Trade Shows offers you a bouquet of well renowned exhibitions to participate in. If you are debating the need to participate, we suggest you have a quick glance at some of the benefits of exhibiting in our shows.


In these challenging economic times, individuals and organizations are increasingly looking for more value from their marketing and branding activities. Abstract media such as television, radio and print are not only hard to evaluate but are also impersonal and tremendously expensive. In such times, it would be worthwhile considering participating in exhibitions where you get much more bang for your buck. Let us explain why…

Some Guidelines for a Successful Participation


Direct Interaction with Consumers

The USP of trade fairs is one-on-one interactions with the customers. In the era of impersonal marketing through electronic and print media, exhibitions serve as a breath of fresh air to directly interact with the customer. It is probably one of the last few surviving modes of marketing which allows this type of personal interaction.

Tap the right target market

While other media have a more generalized audience profile, exhibitions offer a unique opportunity to tap the right potential market. The topical nature of exhibitions ensures that only customers interested in that industry / product / service end up attending the event. In fact, according to a report by Exhibit Surveys Inc, over 80% of exhibition attendees have an influence on purchasing decisions at the show and 55% have buying plans as a result of attending. This means that exhibitions not only attract the right audience, but also end up attracting influential decision makers.

No Middlemen

The manufacturers meet directly with corporate & bulk buyers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors etc. They can directly negotiate and form contacts with their prospects, without going through any middlemen.


The exhibitors can use the exhibition as a medium to promote anything under the sun – A new product, a new service, a new concept (e.g.: Cartoon Network promoting “Toon Cricket”), or the company itself.

New Product Launches

Exhibitions serve as an ideal launch-pad for new products since they offer customers the chance not only to experience them in real-time, but also get a detailed explanation from the representatives of the company itself. This, combined with the exhibition atmosphere, makes for a potent combination.

Branding Activities

Companies can carry out innovative branding activities in the exhibition by sponsoring events, activities, or the exhibition itself. The brand is then displayed to a mass audience through the various media used to promote the exhibition.

Sampling Activities

Exhibitions could serve as the ideal foundation for sampling activities. Companies can give out free samples of their product to all visitors of the exhibition, further promoting their product and brand.

High Return on Investments

According to a CEIR survey, exhibitions give an average return on investment of 46% - higher than any other modes of marketing. Also, the returns can be directly measured against cost, as compared to other abstract modes of marketing where returns cannot be directly measured.

Lead Generation

It is a well-known fact that exhibitions are a well-established source of generating sales leads. In fact, post-exhibition follow-ups have the potential to generate more sales than during the exhibition itself. Thus, effects of the exhibition can last far beyond the completion of the event.

Temporary Marketplace

Exhibitions serve as a complete, temporary marketplace for the industry that the event is based on. These events act as a one-stop shop for everything pertaining to that industry.

Competitor Analysis

Since participants in topical exhibitions fall under the category of a specific industry, exhibitors can study their competitors closely and in full perspective. This helps them in gauging their own products and services in relation to those of their competitors. This could also lead to generation of new ideas related to product or service innovation for the future.

Economic Indicator

An exhibition serves as an economic indicator of sorts. Fairs and exhibitions serve as a stimulus for the national industries and as a means for improving the technological know-how and equipment, as well as enhancing the import/export activities, especially for the less developed countries.



Market Trends

Since exhibitions have everything pertaining to a particular industry, exhibitors and visitors alike can identify the current market trends and estimate what lies in store for the future.

Variety of Choices

It goes without saying that exhibitions provide a variety of choices of products and services – all under one roof.

Thorough Explanation

Representatives from the company itself are the ones that do all the explaining at the time of the exhibition. They know their product the best, and hence do maximum justice at the point of explanation and convincing the customer to eventually consider the product for purchase.

Captivates all 5 Senses

As mentioned before, exhibitions are probably the only medium available which can target all the 5 senses at one go. Imagine an electrical trade fair wherein electronic products are displayed across the table – You can touch, feel, hear, see (and smell, if required) the products there and then.

Possibility of Discounts

Exhibitions offer direct interactions with the company, eliminating middlemen from the equation. Many a times, companies end up passing on such savings in the form of exhibition discounts to customers.

Gain new Ideas

Browsing through the various products and services on display at events, and interacting with company representatives can help in understanding industry trends and probably stimulate the generation of new business ideas.


Associations we’ve worked with :


Tie up with the following Associations to deliver world class fairs :


Writing Instruments Manufacturers Organization ( India)

All India Toy Manufacturers Association

All India Furniture Manufacturers & Traders Association

Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Sri Lanka

Federation of Stationery Manufacturers & Traders Association

Thai Trade Centre

Taitra - Taiwan

Matrade - Malaysia


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